Odpoczno pushes the Polish village dance revival into new territories, expanding the old world fiery abandon with audaciously entertaining jazz-trancery. Formed in the city of Łódź in 2014 the quartet all have experience in different backgrounds. The throbbing heart of the band is award-winning violinist Marcin Lorenc, who is the curator of the traditional material drawn from the legacy of past masters of the Opoczno region, and Joanna Szczęsnowicz, who sings the old songs and saws bass rhythms out of her cello.
Entering sideways on a small drum kit is Piotr Gwadera, scattering precisely funky filigree patterns upon which the inventive twang and drang of prominent jazz guitarist Marek Kądziela hangs like a shimmering suit of imaginative cloth. With their self-named debut album making inroads the Saturday night village dance seems set to go on forever.

Odpoczno are:
Joanna Szczęsnowicz – voice, bass, electronics
Marcin Lorenc – violin
Marek Kądziela – guitar
Piotr Gwadera – drums

International booking:
Piotr Pucyło
+ 48 606 457 012

Szymon Miśniak
+ 48 731 280 479

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